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C2C installations

SimagePorticus (w/Jesse Jones, composer) is a site-specific installation planned for Trustees Week. It will stage the idea of ‘simage’, combined with the mixed topologies of Roman Arches and portraits—300 images projected over the bricks of Cryptoporticus in a 520sec loop. The sound includes image-related quotes. (interim concept shown here) This piece comments on today’s technologically “augmented” relationship with the physical world turns all things into spontaneous images and by doing so shatters the world of “image” into a “sprawling metabolic image”

ScalaCupola (w/Jesse Jones, composer) is a site-specific installation exploring the dynamics between image and architecture (Sistine Chapel ceiling and a staircase at AAR): their meanings, temporalities, motions and placements.

DinnerConversation explores the use of images vs. words when one wishes to quickly convey a topic. (w/Ross Altheimer) In the context of the new image phenomenon, our sensory engagement with life is being channeled in new digital ways. Can we still experience the world as purely physical sensorium? Dinner Conversation explores modes of expressions that inherently visceral, physical and sensual.Facsimile_VillaAurelia_adigard_th
Facsimile is site-theme specific installation to express the notion of noise-silence in image. It is here framed by the interior space of a building on the theme of John Cage.

Early version of a video exploration of image and temporality (w/ Marc Bowditch & Valerio Sannicandro)

The Cave: a video sketch