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list of public domain image sources

Search Engines
Bing Images
Creative Commons Search
Google Images
Photo Pin
Yahoo Images

Crowdsourced Collections
Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Government Collections / public domain unless otherwise noted
Defense Video And Imagery Distribution System
National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library
National Park Service Digital Image Archives
NOAA Photo Library
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Visible Earth

Unique Collections
BurningWellNature, People, Textures / Public domain
Creativity 103Abstract, Background, Textures
DHD Multimedia GalleryVarious / Free for personal and commercial purposes
FreeimagesVarious /Can use commercially Freeimages Terms
Gratisography Random, Artistic / Public domain
Imagebase People, Nature, Objects / Public domain
morgueFile Various/Unique license for creatives
Photos Public Domain Various / Public domain
PicjumboVarious, Artistic/Free – commercial
Pixabay Various / Public domain
Public Domain Image Various / Public domain
Public Domain Photos Various / mostly public domain
Public Domain Pictures Various / mostly public domain
Public Domain Review Art, Literature, Publications / mostly public domain
Totally Free ImagesArt, Astronomy, History, Maps / Public domain
Unsplash Random, Artistic / Public domain

Specific Subjects
Animal Photos
Animals / Public domain
Car Pictures Cars / Public domain
The Getty: Open Content Program Art / Public domain
Hubble SiteSpace / Public domain (a few exceptions)
Reusable Art Arts, Craftspublic domain (unless otherwise noted)
Rijks Museum Art / Public Domain (where applicable)

Clker Various / CC0 (public domain)
Open Clipart Various / Public Domain

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