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_an AI generated portrait sells for $432,500

cavetocloudChristie, New York City: After seven minutes of bidding a portrait produced by artificial intelligence sold for $432,500 (over 40 times Christie’s initial estimate)

The collective Obvious used Generative Adversarial Networks, as a technology to produce the portrait as an inkjet print. GANs have been used in art since around 2015, including by the artists Mario Klingemann, Anna Ridler and Robbie Barrat.

Obvious said in its statement today. “And artist Robbie Barrat, who has been a great influence for us.” Mr. Barrat had written and shared a code online that was used in the production of “Edmond de Belamy, from La Famille de Belamy.” Obvious told the technology website The Verge on Tuesday that it did use Mr. Barrat’s code, but modified it.

»via NYT

What is being sold is not a very mediocre artwork but a moment in time when a nascent technology poses as creator. This artifact is only a marker in the history of AI as it is currently being written.

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