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_can AI identify pictures better than humans?

a CATS SIMAGE by Erik Adigard, M-A-D
With each passing day, computers are evolving from dumb and blind machines to smart and sight enabled ones. What happens when they make better sense of our environment than we can? They are quickly permeating our world, becoming new sorts of pets while introducing a new sort of sight of and into our own condition. That is perhaps what will give us the smarts and wisdom to better adapt to our environment.

Can Artificial Intelligence Identify Pictures Better than Humans?
As image recognition experiments have shown, computers can easily and accurately identify hundreds of breeds of cats and dogs faster and more accurately than humans, but does that mean that machines are better than us at recognizing what’s in a picture? As with most comparisons of this sort, at least for now, the answer is little bit yes and plenty of no.

More recently, however, advances using an AI training technology known as deep learning are making it possible for computers to find, analyze and categorize images without the need for additional human programming. Loosely based on human brain processes, deep learning implements large artificial neural networks — hierarchical layers of interconnected nodes — that rearrange themselves as new information comes in, enabling computers to literally teach themselves.  

Computers still aren’t able to identify some seemingly simple (to humans) pictures such as this picture of yellow and black stripes, which computers seem to think is a school bus. This technology is, unsurprisingly, still in its infant stage. After all, it took the human brain 540 million years to evolve into its highly capable current form.
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Sat, April 1 2017 » SIMAGE, technology