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_dematerialization & re-embodiment

From mosaics to frescos to pixels and virtual 3D, we as humans continue to enhance the art of representation. We depict forms, textures and motions to then stage them through a process running from dematerialization and disembodiment to rematerialization and re-embodiment.

Doing so, we virtually materialize goods as we once materialized gods and emperors.virtualization-jacket


This sort of representation, today as yesterday should be seen as “objectification”—the “representation” itself being in the eye of the beholder. In merchandizing as in any spectacle, the act of seeing is the ultimate phase in a dramaturgy where the viewer can be a passive or active participant.

Do we see a virtually invisible (and naked) emperor?virtualization02CPT 2015-08-22 at 10.30.40 AM

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There is nothing too new here but the question of what is being dematerialized and what is being embodied does remain.

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On relating the atoms and data of products via light tracking:

Sat, August 22 2015 » economy, technology