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/Photoshop sprawl at Headlands Center for the Arts

Carolyn Janssen, Artist In Residence Program 2015 : Adopting the sprawl of the historic landscape, I create mural-sized digital works that exist as photographic and painterly hybrids. Framed as psychedelic Photoshop objects, these images feature über-universes that reference the sublime landscape, digital kitsch, miniaturized science fiction tableaus, and religious mortality tales. Built from elements gleaned from personal snapshots, I use individual objects as brushstrokes, building each scene mark by mark. I utilize the “photoshoppy-ness” of the software program the same way a painter  might manipulate the inherent qualities of paint, saturating, abusing, and “anointing” in order to achieve a hyper-superficial, aesthetic surface pleasure. Populating these worlds are figures engaging in ritualistic narratives and mini-dramas, creating uncanny and fetishized scenes that examine the blurred borders of gender, desire, and materiality. »MORE via Mark Petrakis

Thu, April 23 2015 » creative