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/24 Hrs of Photos: 350,000 in Flickr (2011)

The sheer mass of digital imagery was itself the subject of “24 Hrs of Photos,” a project by the Dutch artist Erik Kessels (first in 2011, and other times since). Kessels downloaded every photograph uploaded to Flickr in the course of a single day, about a million in all. He printed a fraction of them, around 350,000, which he then piled up in massive wavelike heaps in a gallery. Asked to explain the project, Kessels said: “I visualize the feeling of drowning in representations of other people’s experiences.” But that’s not art! And yet the emotions that accompany such an installation — the exasperation, the sense of wonder or inundation, the glimpses of beauty — are true of art. The shoe fits, maddening as it is.
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