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_2020: 3D scanning market reaches $4.90B

FORECAST: The global 3D scanning market is expected to reach USD 4.90 billion by 2020 on account of increasing requirement from numerous applications. Rapid technological advancements to develop innovative products including 3D digitization that have the ability to render high resolution and rapid scanning techniques are expected to have a positive impact on growth. Need to preserve […]

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_dematerialization & re-embodiment

From mosaics to frescos to pixels and virtual 3D, we as humans continue to enhance the art of representation. We depict forms, textures and motions to then stage them through a process running from dematerialization and disembodiment to rematerialization and re-embodiment. Doing so, we virtually materialize goods as we once materialized gods and emperors. »CLIP This sort of representation, today […]

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/exploiting the advertising value behind any connected image

GumGum is a new kind of display advertising platform reaching over 600 million unique visitors per month across billions of images on premium websites. Its in-image technology , hence allowing brands to attach their stories to relevant images,  while unlocking revenues for image publishers.

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Curalate Gets $8.6 Million

As Pinterest and Instagram Soar, Curalate Gets $8.6 Million to Help Brands Capitalize »+

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Blippar Acquires Layar

Some consolidation – or augmentation, if you will — in the world of augmented reality Blippar — an image recognition platform used in digital advertising — has acquired Layar, an augmented reality platform used across different applications (from advertising to education) that uses cameras on devices like smartphones to inject virtual elements into real-world images in real time. »+ TechCrunch

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3D and 4D Technology Market worth $470.86 Billion by 2020

MarketsandMarkets / 3D and 4D technologies are getting increasingly popular as the trends toward its integration with the giant industries like manufacturing and healthcare, have increased, along with the already dominant entertainment industry. With the advancement in technology, the applications of 3D and 4D technologies have gradually increased and the industries are now utilizing these technologies for […]

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