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REALITY VS. ITSELF: A QUESTION OF REPRESENTATION Most everyone starts and ends their day on a screen. It is a condition in which three notions conspire in a dynamic triad to establish what we know as “reality”: the act of making, our engagement with things, and our experience of being. “How could they see anything but the shadows if […]

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Framing By Image

Image is a mirror. Since the dawn of civilization, it is by image that we have made sense of the world. It also how we have too often failed to see the world. Today, this relationship between representation and reality, this mirror is made manifest through pictorial clouds. What we see is at once a […]

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_Anatomies of the Automaton

automation: control, humanism, dangers and conflicts La Panacée / ANATOMIES OF THE AUTOMATON QUESTIONS ABOUT AUTOMATONS 1. The most advanced robots are killer robots that will soon do the war for us. With what weapons will we prevent these victorious robots from turning against us? 2. Since Coppélia don’t we dream about the dangerous relationship called by our automaton creatures? […]

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_image of the self

In her CRAC exhibit “S’inventer autrement”, Sylvie Blocher explores, among others, concerns of the self and of identity as it can be expressed through the image that we make of ourselves, as well as through the image that the artist makes out of her subjects. With her “Living Pictures”, Sylvie frames people into time-based images, […]

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/Speechless in Chicago

What to say when an equation involves too many mental and emotional dissonances to even identify the foremost issues. Even art is in there. Memorial Day in Chicago, a Float. Some pictures may say more than the proverbial thousand words.

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/We are paying attention. When in doubt, look up.

To know what is what is getting increasingly tough. Is it art? Camouflaged technology? Plain whim? Urban pragmatism?

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/oldest prehistoric paintings visible as replicas

France’s famed Grotte Chauvet, a vast cave containing the world’s oldest prehistoric art, has been hailed a masterpiece of modern ingenuity. The ‘caverne du pont d’arc’ contains 1000 drawings, with 425 animals figures, 27 original paintings and around 450 bones. A near-perfect replica is open to the public.

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Gladiator takes over Colosseum

In Google Images, “colosseum” = 14,200,000 results; ”gladiator” = 37,500,000 results

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Las Vegas Strip losing its appeal

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas Strip fall short in Nevada tourism survey >+> Las Vegas Review-Journal

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