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_scan yourself into VR games and movies

Imagine attending your favorite band’s concert and watching from the location of your choice – front row, backstage, or directly from the stage itself. With volumetric 3D VR, you could walk around on stage and get a close up view of each musician as they play from any direction. Or, imagine a future where watching […]

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_Anatomies of the Automaton

automation: control, humanism, dangers and conflicts La Panacée / ANATOMIES OF THE AUTOMATON QUESTIONS ABOUT AUTOMATONS 1. The most advanced robots are killer robots that will soon do the war for us. With what weapons will we prevent these victorious robots from turning against us? 2. Since Coppélia don’t we dream about the dangerous relationship called by our automaton creatures? […]

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_on time slice imagery

Marker-Moore‘s riff on time-lapse photography compresses all of the takes into a single image he calls a a “time slice.” This creates a gradient of colors, distilling sunsets (and sunrises) of up to 60 minutes or more into into one epic vista. “I love using this technique to showcase the transitions in the day, like […]

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_hand(s) of the artist

When considering the place of robotics in the creative process: what are the machine-human boundaries in interpretation, implementation and creative authorship? Artist-scientist Patrick Tresset is exploring a relationship with the artificial creativity that we may find in the drawing of his robotic hands. Indeed the eye-hand coordination and repetitive tasks of the portrait artist are to a large extent not unlike a […]

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_image of the self

In her CRAC exhibit “S’inventer autrement”, Sylvie Blocher explores, among others, concerns of the self and of identity as it can be expressed through the image that we make of ourselves, as well as through the image that the artist makes out of her subjects. With her “Living Pictures”, Sylvie frames people into time-based images, […]

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_wearable image

Chander: What do you expect from Paris Fashion Week next month? Are you launching anything radical? Diana: I am excited to introduce the first wave of TechLuxe in a form of a resin handbag with an LCD video screen. >more @ Forbes C2C: A Promising idea packaged as a clunky object that looks like it […]

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/Photoshop sprawl at Headlands Center for the Arts

Carolyn Janssen, Artist In Residence Program 2015 : Adopting the sprawl of the historic landscape, I create mural-sized digital works that exist as photographic and painterly hybrids. Framed as psychedelic Photoshop objects, these images feature über-universes that reference the sublime landscape, digital kitsch, miniaturized science fiction tableaus, and religious mortality tales. Built from elements gleaned from personal […]

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image is a lubricant to social media content

A great (but incomplete) Guide to Visual Content: The Science, Tools and Strategy of Creating  Killer Images (like every body else) • Sixty-three percent of social media is made up of images. • Nearly half of all Internet users have reposted a photo or video they have found online. • Content with relevant images gets […]

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Augmented advertising

Cinematic special effects, trompe-l’œil, manipulation of perspective and magic trick. Image sometimes attempts to highjack our perception of reality. This is advertising trying hard to capture eyeballs. »MORE

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C2C Porticus installation test

[wpvideo uxLiSMNG]

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