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_the Mundaneum

»g.doodles Today is the 147th Birthday of the Mundaneum‘s co-founder Paul Otlet. The Mundaneum was an institution created in 1910 by Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, as part of their work on documentation science. It aimed to gather together all the world’s knowledge. The Mundaneum has been identified as a milestone in the history […]

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/Andy Warhol – Icons

An instance of Warhol context maximization : The Andy Warhol – Icons exhibit rethinks the standard museological white space by staging the artist’s imaginary space—an iconographic environment that is at once commercial, pop, industrial and consumerist. »via Divisare

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/Forgotten Failures of African Exploration

Dane Kennedy reflects on two disastrous expeditions into Africa organized by the British in the early-19th century, and how their lofty ambitions crumbled before the implacable realities of the continent. …Continued       

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